Home Business Amount, sanctions … the latest details on the future youth employment contract

Amount, sanctions … the latest details on the future youth employment contract

Amount, sanctions ... the latest details on the future youth employment contract

This may be the last major reform of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term. The government wishes to set itself the objective of reducing youth unemployment, in a context of growing precariousness and concern, in particular with the consequences of Covid-19. To do this, from March 1, 2022, the youth employment contract (CEJ) will be launched. This device is intended for 16-25 year olds or up to 29 years old for people with disabilities. To claim it, it is necessary not to be a student, nor in training, and to have difficulties of integration into sustainable employment, as specified in the decree sent by the government to the social partners, that AEF Info relay.

If between 400,000 and 500,000 young people are targeted, this text clarified certain points which were still under discussion. First, specifies the specialized agency, the device will be open to minors who will be able to receive a monthly allowance of 200 euros if they are detached for tax purposes or attached to a non-taxable household, or even in the first tax bracket. . Same scenario for adults: those detached for tax purposes or attached to a non-taxable household will receive 500 euros, against 300 euros for those concerned by the first tranche. The contract is valid for a period of six to twelve months, potentially extendable to eighteen. It should be noted that the amount should be revalued annually, from 2023, taking inflation into account.

Sanctions provided for in the event of non-compliance with the commitment

Please note that any resources will be deducted from the amount: unemployment, internship allowances in professional training, etc. But also income from salaried or non-salaried activity, aid for employees in partial activity, allowances for maternity or paternity leave or, for example, those of social security in the event of illness or accident job. The youth employment contract will lead to the disappearance of the youth guarantee, and cannot be combined with the RSA and the activity bonus, with some exceptions.

Also, the semantics are important. It is not an “income” but a “contract”, and the term “commitment” is particularly hammered by the executive. Each person will be the subject of a personalized interview and each case will be scrutinized. Once the contract has been signed, a single adviser, a kind of tutor or referent, will follow the young person, offering him appropriate actions, such as “training or professional situations”, in particular. “Among the beneficiary’s commitments are attendance, active participation in all the actions planned as well as the sincerity and accuracy of the information communicated”, specifies the decree relayed by AEF Info.

And who says commitment, says potential sanctions in the event of non-compliance. At the first failure, the allowance, and if necessary the unemployment compensation replacement income (type of Return to work assistance, ARE), will drop by a quarter. On the second, there will be an outright deletion for a month. Finally, on the third breach, the allowance is definitively cancelled, the replacement income is canceled for four months and the employment contract terminated. Pôle Emploi and the local missions are in charge of support and payment, depending on the profile. The CEJ is part of the 2022 finance law, with a budget of 550 million euros.



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