AMLO vs. US Mining Company: The Mexican government offers to buy land in Quintana Roo

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that his government had completed an assessment and was almost ready to submit a bid to buy the Calica land from the Vulcan company.

The Department of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) conducted the appraisal of the approximately 2,400 hectare property. As part of that assessment, the government offered US company Vulcan a sum of 6,500 million Mexican pesos (equivalent to about $382.3 million).

The Latin American head of state announced that the offer would be presented shortly. He also mentioned that the proposal letter his government had sent to Vulcan was on its way to the United States, where his government’s ambassador Esteban Moctezuma would be responsible for delivery.

“Vulcan is the company that owns Calica Bank. Them AndWe have a proposition for the Vulcans. We have already sent out a report. They have 2,400 acres. Now they will find out, although the letter I am sending to Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma is already on its way so he can officially propose to buy everything, it is 2,400 hectares,” the President said.

Additionally, it has been reported that the proposal is to acquire all of the land needed to create a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico’s Caribbean region. It has been assured that this matter will be resolved before the President ends his term in 2024.

“If we really care about preventing climate change and it’s not demagoguery, then the offer we’re making them should not be turned down,” the president urged. “Many are waiting for me to go, they are waiting for time to pass. I also take this opportunity to tell you that I can’t leave these things unresolved“.

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What happened to Calica in Mexico?

In May 2022, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (term) from Mexico reported on the closure of Calica activities.

The decision to act against the misuse of Mexico’s natural resources and environmental degradation was made with the aim of preserving the area where the US company operates and where important tourist destinations in Mexico are located.

“The exploitation of stone material below the water table has caused severe environmental damagesuch as the final and irretrievable loss of subsoil, the change in aquifer pressure, the risk of subsidence and subsidence,” explained the Environment Agency.

“As well as the quality and purity of the water and the surface and underground drainage due to the increasing formation of voids, in addition to the change in the natural landscape and the fragmentation of the ecosystems,” he added.

Various closures and sanctions occurred in 2017 and 2018, according to Semarnat, prompting the company to file a $1,500 million lawsuit against the Mexican state.

The federal agency has reported that Calica has had limestone mining permits since 1986. These permits were granted during the presidency of Miguel De la Madrid, who belonged to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

The case is currently in court and the Mexican government’s acquisition of Vulcan’s land could be a potential solution to resolve the conflict.

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