America’s dominance over the world is coming to an end

According to an article published in the American magazine International Interest, the fact that China has not been able to stop its advance on the world stage and act against its enemies shows that the United States has lost its old power.

The article says that the only polar world system that began under the leadership of the United States after the Cold War is now beginning to change.

The article draws attention to the defeat of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq, and says that Washington has left Ankara, Moscow and Tehran to take a position on the crisis in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Along with these elements, China’s failure to block the path of global development and take steps in favor of its enemies shows that the United States has lost its former power.

The article also looks at what the new world order will look like after the unipolar world system.

The analysis said that several systems such as multipolar or bipolar are currently on the agenda with the participation of the United States, China and Russia. These many global systems are in constant competition with each other and it can take twenty years for one system to prevail.

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