America’s announcement to impose new sanctions on the Taliban

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken announced the imposition of new visa restrictions on the Taliban in response to bans on employment and education for women in Afghanistan.

According to French news agency AFP, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said in a statement on Wednesday that I am imposing additional visa restrictions today on current or former members of the Taliban, members of non-state security groups and others.

He said that these sanctions are being imposed on those who are believed to be responsible for denying the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The US Secretary of State says the Taliban’s restrictions on women include not allowing them to go to university and barring them from working with NGOs.

He added that Washington will continue to work with allies to make it clear to the Taliban that they will have to pay a heavy price for their actions.

Haibatullah Akhunzada, the supreme leader of the Afghan Taliban, made the full veil mandatory for women. In the decree issued by him, it is said that women should wear a burqa covering themselves from head to toe, which is a traditional and honorable way.

The United Nations has warned that the Taliban’s ban on female aid workers could be a ‘huge blow’ to vital humanitarian aid projects.

After the Taliban came to power, the economic situation in Afghanistan is very bad because the US has frozen Afghan accounts and aid funds from international organizations have also been stopped.

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