Monday, July 4, 2022
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American rapper robs distributor after announcing it in a song

An American from Houston was arrested after robbing a technician who came to repair an ATM in Tennessee. The height: he used to rap on this theme, reports FoxNews. Ladesion Riley, 30, better known as “Jug God” on YouTube, recently shared a track called “Make it Home” in which he recounted an ATM heist outside of Texas. In this song, he bragged about having stolen thousands of dollars and prayed that he would get home.

The 30-year-old was arrested last week along with Darius Dugas, 27, Sashondre Dugas, 32, and Christopher Alton, 27, as they left a motel in Dickson, Tenn., according to the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. On Monday, June 6, two of the suspects approached an ATM technician who was fixing a Bank of America machine and told him to “don’t do anything stupid and hand over the money,” local police said. They then got into a Hyundai Elantra that had been rented from Hertz.

The car and a Jeep were finally found in front of a Motel 6, a little later in the day. The individuals were loading the money into the 4×4 when they were arrested. Two of the suspects had just been released from prison on bail. As for Ladesion Riley, he is facing a hit-and-run charge, the Houston Police Officers Union said, as quoted by Fox News. The four suspects will have to answer for their actions in court.


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