American police officer shoots Muslim youth

California: US police have claimed that they shot and seriously injured a knife-wielding teenager who, according to the police, was on his way to attack someone.

A statement issued by the Tracy Police Department said that police received a call that a 17-year-old boy was chasing another man and had a knife. .

A foreign news agency According to the report A police officer was sent to the spot after this suspicious issue between two persons came to light. According to the police statement, the police officer asked the young man to stop and drop the knife on the ground, but he did not follow the order, after which the police officer opened fire.

Moreover, on this occasion, the police have also recovered a knife from the crime scene, but the police have not disclosed the name and identity of the Muslim youth who was shot in this incident.

The injured youth was shifted to a nearby hospital for first aid. The police hope that his life will be saved.

The police officer who shot the child is said to have feared the child would attack him. For his own safety and for the safety of others, he fired.

Footage from police body cameras is said to be released as the investigation progresses.

It should be noted that this incident of shooting a 17-year-old Muslim boy has happened a few days after the brutal killing of a 29-year-old black citizen, Tyre Nichols, by the Memphis police.

A few days ago, Nichols, who is black, was also kicked, punched and punched to death by police officers. Black Americans are protesting this incident.

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