The Forever Purge: An Unlimited Purge

Fifth part of the saga the purge, “The Forever purge” will not ultimately be the last part of the lucrative saga started by Blumhouse Productions. This new production is still very elusive in its chronological order, but it seems to take place after the events of American nightmare: elections where the senator Charlie roan he had finally abolished debugging for good. Here, in the face of increasing mass immigration and insecurity, the New Founding Fathers reintroduced the purge. But this time, the Purgeurs seem to have decided not to limit themselves to 12h annually but to extend this festival of slaughters.

In all this mess Adela and Juan, a couple of Mexican immigrants, try to survive in a country in the middle of anarchy.

The Forever purge follow the very bad “The first purge” with the aim of telling something different. Here, the purge ends in the middle of the night. We glimpse it very slightly but it is above all the extension that will interest us Demon James, who continues with his presence in writing, unable to continue behind the camera. This time, Blumhouse Put the small plates in the big ones and spend $ 18 million for more murders, explosions and action. And the result is not spectacular. The Forever purge it’s a bad movie, full of weaknesses in scriptwriting. The film masks his lack of ambition and lack of character with all-out action.

Exit the visual projections in the masks of the purgers, the jump-scares well felt. Everything is too easy and he was raised with huge hooves. This is demonstrated by a ridiculous series of expository scenes to present characters in five minutes that we are supposed to attach for the entire duration. Some even disappear from history never to return or to make an anecdotal appearance a little later. For some, we don’t even know their connection to the lead quartet. If the scenario of The Purge: Anarchy was trying to at least build a story around the character of Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), here everything is laziness.

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The character of Juan (Tenoch Huerta)For example, he has no more substance to scriptwriting than the fact … that he can talk to horses. The one of Adela (Ana de la Reguera) she simply knows how to use arms because we learn that she has joined a group of armed women in Mexico to fight the drug cartels. The same problems with the “Fatigue“, The rich owners of the ranch. The father Fatigue He seemed to be the most interesting, for his interesting pragmatism and his openness to immigration, but the character was quickly sacrificed, without any ingenuity.

The central problem of this this purge So this is it: the stage. From a purely technical point of view, Everard Drop it gets the job done without offering something surprising. Despite everything, he manages to screw up at certain moments, especially in the introduction where he multiplies the dirty close-ups of the protagonists, as if to accentuate absent emotions since the cast cannot distill them despite the presence of Josh Lucas (Dylan) who is perhaps the only actor who survives a bit from the lot.

It would be necessary Demon James returns to the helm of the saga since when he is no longer in command, Blumhouse it gives us movies that are slow, mediocre and clearly on the edge. This The Forever Purge is a very bad film, which once again barely outlines its interesting social point and leaves in a condensed action worthy of a Z series. Harmful but largely expendable.

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