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America will support Taiwan even after getting threats from China, said to take calm and strict steps

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  • US and China clash over Taiwan
  • China upset over Nancy Pelosi’s visit
  • Nancy Pelosi went on a tour of Taiwan

China Taiwan US: The White House, the office of US President Joe Biden, said China’s “intimidation and use of force” on Taiwan following the visit of House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei was fundamentally contrary to the goal of peace and stability. The US will take ‘calm and firm’ steps to support the self-governing island. China’s ruling Communist Party has long claimed sovereignty over Taiwan. However, Beijing insists that its current “one-China principle” will prevent foreign government officials from setting foot on the island.

Following Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army of China declared war on Taiwan from August 4 to 7. Later, the Chinese military increased combat exercises around Taiwan. Beijing views Taiwan as a rebel province, which it believes should be reunited with the mainland through war. China warned on Wednesday that Beijing would hold regular warfare exercises as a new normal to enforce its ‘one-China principle’.

China’s action against peace

Kurt Campbell, Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, said during the press conference, “China’s actions are fundamentally contrary to the goal of peace and stability.” This is part of an intense pressure campaign against Taiwan that has not ended, and we expect that to continue for several weeks or months to come.’ “The goal of this campaign is clear – to intimidate Taiwan and reduce its resilience,” he said.

He said the US will “continue to take calm and resolute steps to maintain peace and stability in support of Taiwan amid ongoing efforts to undermine China.” Campbell said, “These steps will come to the fore in the coming weeks and months in many areas.” Since the challenge is long term. We will not be flexible or knee-jerk but we will be patient and effective.

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