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America Cyclone Ian: Cyclone ‘Ian’ moving towards Florida at a speed of 205 km / h…Moon rocket mission postponed


America Cyclone Ian- India TV Hindi News

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America Cyclone Ian


  • Hurricane speed may increase until it reaches Florida from the Gulf of Mexico
  • More than 50 thousand people were evacuated to a safe place
  • Torrential rain and strong winds after the storm hit Cuba

America Cyclone Ian:America’s oceanic cyclone ‘Ian’ has knocked in Cuba. Now it is moving very fast towards Florida. In such a situation, people have been alerted. It is being told that its minimum speed can be up to 205 kmph. This means that this storm can also catch the speed of 300 and more km per hour. Cyclone ‘Ian’ made landfall on the west coast of Cuba on Tuesday with torrential rain and high-speed winds.

Hurricane rising from the Gulf of Mexico

This storm is moving north with high speed. By Wednesday, it is expected to reach the coast of the US state of Florida via the Gulf of Mexico. The US National Hurricane Center (USNHC) said that Ian was knocked off the coast of Cuba at 4:30 a.m. local time. Ian is a Class III oceanic cyclone. A class-3 cyclone is one in which the wind speed is at least 205 kilometers per hour.

raging storm

USNHC said that this cyclone is becoming severe. It is estimated that by the time this cyclone reaches the coast of Florida, it will have turned into a Class-4 cyclone. In this case, its speed can be very fast. Then it will become even more powerful. In such a situation, the damage caused by it can also increase manifold.

More than 50 thousand people sent to a safe place

The Cuban government has evacuated more than 50,000 people from Pinar del Río province, the main tobacco area, before Ian arrived. Along with this, an alert has been issued in the surrounding areas. During this time people have been advised not to come out of their homes. The government has built dozens of shelters in the island country. The USNHC said waves as high as 14 feet were seen due to Ian off the west coast of Cuba. Danian Brown, senior USNHC expert, told The Associated Press that Cuba had previously feared there would be a severe cyclone and heavy rain accompanied by dangerous waves. Ian is expected to strengthen further as it moves past Cuba, reaching the Gulf of Mexico, with winds of up to 225 kph when it reaches the Florida coast on Wednesday.

NASA postpones moon mission

US space agency NASA plans to move slowly towards the launch of its Moon rocket from Kennedy Space Center because of Hurricane Ian, saying the test flight will be delayed for weeks. Scientists are now forced to delay their mission because of the storm. Because he doesn’t want to take any big risk.

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