America: A police dog attacked an unwashed black man

Ohio: A police dog in America attacked a black man and seriously injured him despite being stopped for violating traffic rules.

Police in the US state of Ohio have released a video of the pursuit of a black man, in which he can be seen being attacked by a police dog despite raising his hands.

In this regard, the report states that on July 4, a police dog in Ohio attacked and injured a black man when the accused "After a long chase, Nhata was standing in front of the authorities with his hands raised in the air.

of a foreign news agency According to the report A police inspector on the Ohio State Highway attempted to stop Jadarius Rose, 23, who was driving a trailer, for a traffic violation.

According to the report, police officers used tire-bursting devices called stop sticks on his trailer twice to stop the accused Jadarius Rose.

After being ordered to get out of the vehicle several times, the suspect driver got out of the vehicle and stood on the road with his hands raised in the air following the orders.

In the video released by the police, it can be seen that despite the accused raising his hands, an officer released the dog on him. The video shows the dog running towards Rose, in which the dog bit Rose’s arm and seriously injured him, and he is screaming in pain. He was later taken into custody.


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