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Ambitious objective of RCD Mallorca to relieve Kang In Lee

There is no doubt that the South Korean midfielder represented a large share in the offensive field, and therefore Javier Aguirre asks for a replacement at the height. Curiously, he has found it in the second division.

All the RCD Mallorca fans thought that the replacement for Kang in Lee should be a player from LaLiga EA Sports or from an international league. But it turns out that Javier Aguirre, brain and maximum manager of the collective performance of the vermilion clubhas found the relief of the Asian in LaLiga Hypermotion, something unusual considering the former Valencia crack.

A goal deprived Lift UD to return to the first division, and with it Jorge de Frutos will stay one more season in the second. That could change if the Segovian begins to listen to Mallorca’s offer, and see the plans of the Mexican coach. Now the objectives of the attacking midfielder go through taking a step higher than the granota box.

Kang in Lee Majorca
Jorge de Frutos is one of the few cracks that Levante UD has, who has to stay another year in the second division.

Mallorca has Jorge de Frutos as plan A to relieve Kang in Lee

Thanks to Mr. Manito’s persuasion, the entire board is convinced that the former Madridista midfielder should be in charge of taking the Asian’s position. Although the new PSG player played as a midfielder and the Levante player as a right winger, they share other similarities such as the great ability to build dangerous plays.

On occasions, the Segovian would throw himself a little towards the center, being the first connector between midfield and attack. In conclusion, De Frutos has that versatility that Aguirre needs in his offensive scheme, not to mention his good mid-distance strike. A player who, at 26, can still increase his level, and could do so in the Majorcan team.

Two-front negotiation for the replacement of Kang in Lee

Although the Castilian-Leon attacker has played for the Valencian team since 2020, half of his sports rights still belong to Real Madrid. So that the sports management at the controls of Pablo Ortells, must negotiate with the two entities, to obtain 100% of the pass, or even 50 from Levante and the authorization of the merengue team.

The most important thing for the RCD Mallorca coaching staff is to obtain the services of Jorge de Frutos in this same window. Aguirre is convinced that the Segovian winger will want to say yes to the Balearic club, since out of common sense, the best thing for his career is to play first rather than second. However, the footballer has not yet manifested himself.

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