Home Sports Ambassador Basha Hazim honors the volleyball team in Qatar

Ambassador Basha Hazim honors the volleyball team in Qatar

Ambassador Basha Hazim honors the volleyball team in Qatar

The men’s national volleyball team participating in the FIVB World Cup, which has been taking place in Doha, Qatar since last Friday, was feted by Georges Basha Hazim, Dominican ambassador to that nation.

Since the team’s arrival in Doha, Basha Hazim and his family, along with embassy staff, have been supporting them and treating everyone like royalty.

Among the details, the lunch he offered to the Quisqueyan delegation stands out, where he expressed his joy and pride in supporting it, as well as for representing the country in places as far away as in that Arab country, located in western Asia.

In this atmosphere of healthy camaraderie, Henry Tapia, captain of the Dominican group, had words of gratitude to Ambassador Basha Hazim, his family, and the rest of the legation, for the attention they have provided since they set foot in Qatar.

“You have made us feel very good since we got here. It is the first time that a Dominican diplomatic representation stays with the team all the time, ”she said.

For his part, the team’s coach, Alexander Gutiérrez, was also pleased and very grateful for the attention received, which he said serves as a great motivation to have a good performance in the qualifying tournament for the World League of Nations.

In addition to Tapia, the team is made up of Héctor Alexis Cruz, Wilfredo Hernández, Luis David Reinoso, Henry López, Bryan Pepén, Bismal Rafael Almonte, Moisés Alexander Ortiz, Luther Rosario, Gerson Ezequiel Toribio, Juan de Jesús Hernández and Enger Mieses.

Also part of the delegation are Dante Mañón and Amaury Martínez, assistant coach; the doctor César Andrés Báez and the physiotherapist Roberto Núñez.

Also competing in the fair are the sextets from Chile, China, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine and Qatar.

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