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Amazon would have spied on its competition by infiltrating its employees into other companies

Amazon recalled more than 6 million fake products in 2022 -EcN

Amazon in the spotlight. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company was founded by Jeff Bezos Over the last decade, he spied on his competitors and infiltrated his employees in other companies and so spy on their operations. In response to the scandal, Amazon spoke out and stated: “It is normal research practice“.

The above-mentioned media reports that Amazon carries out this process through a company called “ Big River Services. It’s a division of Amazon that actually does what it does Sell ​​products on eBay, Walmart and other supermarkets and retailers to collect information about their pricing, logistics and business practices.

Apparently, Amazon employees went to meetings and conferences with their competitors without disclosing who was paying them. The system was created in 2015 under the name Amazon “Curiosity Project” and included documents about what to say if they were caught: “This is normal research practice aimed at improving the Amazon experience.«, exactly what the company itself recognized: «This is a normal practice aimed at improving the experience on Amazon«.

Amazon too is being investigated by the European Commission for possible violations of the new Digital Markets Act (DMA). The Commission opened an investigation to gather facts and information and to determine whether Amazon may give preference Your own branded products in your Amazon shop.

Andy JassyChairman of the board of Amazonclaimed the role of generative artificial intelligence (AI), which is emerging as the next “big pillar”. the company. Amazon’s top boss said this in his annual letter to shareholders: “Generative AI can be that greater technological change from the cloud and maybe from the Internet«.

In this regard, Jassy expressed his confidence in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will serve as the foundation for many of the changes associated with the rise of AI. In the letter, the CEO explained that while the company itself is developing a significant number of generative AI applications, “The vast majority are created by other companies at some point«.

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