Amazon will promote the Andalusia brand in the USA

Amazon and them Junta of Andalusia have reached an agreement through which the company will promote the Andalusia brand on Amazon USA. Arturo Bernal, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Board of Directors, formed this alliance with Amazon executives at Twitch headquarters in New York. This meeting is part of the institutional agenda launched by Bernal last week, aimed at attracting traffic and travelers from this long-haul market to Andalusia.

After the meeting, Bernal explained that the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports will promote the Andalusia brand on Amazon advertising mediaboth in performance and special branding supports.

For that, is started Advertising campaign at the end of the year and throughout 2024which not only includes packaging – with Andalusia-branded Amazon boxes and bags – but also a “Twitchunboxing” aimed at top Twitch influencers.

The advertising strategy also includes a number of measures through the Use of advertising platformsOffer personalized advertising for Fire TV or Alexa users. A clear example is flamenco. When the user listens to this type of music, the advertising takes him to Andalusia, an area where this art is a trademark.

The collaboration with Amazon, emphasized Bernal, “It will allow us to collaborate live with the most complete provider internationally and reach the audience very effectively thanks to its high segmentation capacity.«. The alliance with Amazon will enable the board to do this Work directly with the most comprehensive supplier internationally. This has the main advantage Reach target groups very effectively thanks to Amazon’s segmentation capacity.

An Amazon team will be responsible for activating and developing the creative part of the campaign, which will highlight the three points that define the Andalusia brand: Music, gastronomy And Entertainment. From there, a paid media campaign will begin on both digital and hardware media. And that’s how it happened Andalusia advertising will be visible on Amazon, Amazon Prime or Twitch and the advertising will accompany the recipient on physical products: Alexa, Kindle (e-book), Fire TVamong others.

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