Amazon will notify you if the product you have purchased is defective

Amazon notifies you if the product you have purchased is defective or dangerous. As part of its commitment to improving its customers’ shopping experience and making it safer, the Andy Jassy-led company has now integrated one new custom page in which from now on alerts you to defective products that need to be removed or repairedand reports when there is an item that could pose a danger to users.

«Our goal is to make it easier for customers to be notified of recalls for products purchased from our store, navigate to more recall information, and view available refund or return options.«, emphasizes Amazonexplaining that when a recall is announced or a product safety alert is issued, customers will receive a personalized email with recall details. Refund options, the return procedure or whether a repair is possible«. In some cases too Amazon explains solutions or remedial actions to continue using the device without riskif possible.

«Previously, customers were forced to rely on third-party websites for product recall information and had to provide personal information to receive instructions on how to handle a recalled product.“, realize Amazon. Now with this new feature: “We can directly reach 100% of customers who have purchased a recalled product from our store and give them clear instructions on what to do«. Although, in general Amazon already «proactively notify» to customers about recalled products or security warnings.

Amazon also states that sellers in the US would have an opportunity to capitalize on their advantage Take-back logistics service (RLS): “By enabling this service, we can not only notify customers that they purchased the seller’s products from our store, but also issue refunds and manage return logistics on behalf of the seller.” To access this page, simply go to the go section Product recall available in the field of help and customer service.

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Amazon also warns about products that accumulate a lot of returns

This new feature follows the creation of a notification for purchases that generate a lot of returns, which the company announced last March. Amazon reported that it had started Mark frequently returned items with the aim of encouraging consumers to read the reviews of the products that interest them before purchasing them, thus reducing the possibility of returning an item due to an error in the description or poor quality of the product sold and in this way the likelihood of reducing costs represented by returns.

“We currently display return rate information on some product detail pages to help our customers make more informed purchasing decisions.”said one Amazon spokesperson. At the moment this The label is not visible to all users and only appears on some products sold by third parties and fulfilled by Amazon.

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