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Amazon Updates Kindle Interface

Amazon announced that the latest Kindles will receive a new user interface through a software update.

The update mainly focuses on improving navigation, add a bar at the bottom of the screen which lets you jump between the home screen, the book you’re reading, and the library screen.

The way to access Kindle Quick Settings (which allow you to activate airplane mode, adjust brightness, etc.) has also changed. The menu is now accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen instead of pressing a button.

Amazon says there will be more changes this year, with an update that will allow you to see the most recently read books on the home screen and will update the Library collection view and filtering and sorting menus.

The update will be released for supported devices (8th generation Kindle, 7th generation Paperwhite and Oasis or higher) in the coming weeks. Basically includes most Kindles released since 2015, toyes, there is a good chance that yours is compatible.

Kindle’s interface has remained unchanged for many years. Amazon added the ability to make the lock screen show the cover of the book you’re reading earlier this year. The “experimental” tag in the Kindle browser took ten years to disappear.

The update should automatically install on your Kindle at some point if you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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