Amazon strengthens its Retail Media division

amazon advance in Retail Media. In order to increase the number of advertisers launching campaigns on its assets, its advertising division amazon ads has announced new functionalities and formats that facilitate the task of designing, activating and measuring advertising campaigns both inside and outside the company’s environments.

at your conference unBoxed 2022the firm he runs Andy Jessy unveiled updates to its advertising assets with the goal of encouraging more brands to reach new audiences, regardless of company size and budget. Among the novelties, the improvements made in Amazon Marketing Cloudthe inclusion of the video format in SponsoredDisplayas well as the possibility that advertisers who do not sell on Amazon can launch campaigns taking advantage of audience information from Twitch.

“We have always seen that our responsibility is to make life easier for sellers”declared Alan Moss, Vice President of Global Advertising Sales for Amazon Ads. “We have to provide our advertisers with the flexibility, efficiency and scale to be agile and responsive as your needs change. We spend a lot of time focused on how we can help them move faster, make more informed planning and optimization decisions, and access our products in ways that meet their varied needs, so they can direct resources to what’s driving the right results and maximize the impact of every marketing dollar they spend”he added.

While his ‘unBoxed’ event was taking place in New York, German Martinez, Amazon Ads Solutions Country Leadshared in turn in the Retail Media Showthe first Retail Media congress and fair promoted by Publicis Commercethe next platform innovations. “These functionalities will help brands to be more efficient and achieve better results”said Martinez.

What’s New in Amazon Marketing Cloud

  • signal coverage– Bringing together Sponsored Display and digital subscription events gives advertisers greater visibility into the total and incremental impact of different Amazon Ads formats, more complete cross-media attribution, and a deeper understanding of the customer journey. Through an integration with Sizmek Ad Suite (beta), advertisers can create queries to analyze bid effectiveness, cross-publisher attribution, and total reach. Sponsored Brands signs will be added early next year 2023.
  • actionable insights (Actionable Insights): amazon ads will start rolling out the ability for brands to manage their audiences Amazon DSP inside AMC later this year. This will allow the creation of audiences via a SQL statement, allowing for further customization based on campaign goals and the ease of sending these audiences directly to the Amazon DSP for campaign activation.

The company has also added further instructional inquiries to your library. Of the ten predefined queries in 2021, the current directory adds a total of 50. Now, it has begun to implement AMC partner certifications in agencies, tool vendors, system integrators, and software vendorsto make it easy for advertisers to find potential partners based on their needs.

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Online video and CTV

Another novelty announced by amazon lies in its online video offering. The American firm has incorporated the video format to your Sponsored self-service platformso that any advertiser can launch a Sponsored Display campaign with video both inside and outside the properties of the marketplace. “Brands can deliver immersive video ads like tutorials, demos, unboxing, and testimonials, and measure campaign performance with standard Sponsored Display metrics”reported

amazon ads also announced a Extended Public Beta Program for Video Builder, which makes it easy for brands to create videos for their Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ad campaigns through customizable out-of-the-box templates. Using available product and lifestyle images to create more engaging advertising content, advertisers can easily create video creatives in less than ten minutes at no additional cost. Similarly, they can also expand their use of video campaigns and quickly experiment with creative variations to maximize engagement.

In addition to SponsoredDisplay With video, Amazon is testing with certain US advertisers the possibility of launching an incentive for users who click on a display ad. Via Rewarded Sponsored Display, “Brands can now add an Amazon shopping or entertainment credit directly into the Sponsored Display creative, and customers get the incentive when they click the ad and take the indicated action, like watching a stream on Twitch or subscribing to a newsletter”they detailed.

Regarding your CTV offerthe company has presented the Amazon Streaming TV betareaching a potential unduplicated US monthly viewership of over 135 million, including Twitch.

Amazon Ads for any type of advertiser

amazon has finally informed of the possibility that any brand, regardless of whether it sells on Amazon or not, can launch a campaign with its audience and assets, making available SponsoredDisplaythus allowing any company can make announcements to impact the Twitch audience.

It also expands to more markets Sponsored Products with Presets, where the company recommends advertisers the ideal campaign settings, including daily budget and bid strategies. According to data from amazoncampaigns with presets get 77% more clicks and 29% more conversions than those configured without having followed the company’s recommendations.

More and more advertisers turn to the network of Retail Media Amazon to circumvent privacy changes Manzana and get closer to buyers. This explains why Amazon ad sales have grown, while those of Meta, YouTube, Snap and Pinterest have fallen.

The company has also reversed its quarterly losing streak in this third quarter with income of 127,100 million dollars (128,476.79 million euros) and a 15% increase in net sales. Its advertising business also registered a slight improvement to reach 9,550 million dollars (9,653.44 million euros), compared to 9,480 million dollars (9,583.13 million euros) anticipated by the market. For the fourth quarter, Amazon expects net sales to grow between 2% and 8%.

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