Amazon plans to revamp Alexa with ChatGPT features

More and more companies are joining the dizzying race of the Artificial Intelligence (AI), trying to implement new features and functions that make life easier for us. An example of this is Microsoft and its products that almost all already have AI. Now it seems to be the turn Amazon with alexa. According to leaked documents to which insiders has had access, Amazon I would be working on equipping Alexa with functions more similar to those offered by ChatGPTwhich would completely change the concept of personal assistant.

Specifically, based on the leaked documents, there is already a project underway with the aim of make Alexa more like ChatGPT, with generative AI features and an experience more like a human assistant. Thus, Amazon anticipates that “Alexa be smarter and appear to be an entity that thinks instead of just displaying results from a database as usual”. Between the new capabilities What Alexa will get with this change is a new video searchpersonal recommendations and the ability to tell stories or review the news of the day, summarizing the posts of the day.

Amazon trusts your own large language model (LLM)called Alexa Teacher Modelwhich he has been using for a few years, but now, “it will be bigger, more pervasive and capable and will make Alexa more proactive and conversational”explains a company spokesperson to the aforementioned medium.

According to the leaked documents, the new Alexa would be able to generate stories at the request of users. I would also use the camera of the Echo Shows to include real life elements. The company founded by Jeff Bezos even anticipates possible potential alliances with Disney, Lego or other companies to promote their products and content, according to Insider.

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At the moment, it has not been revealed when exactly this new version of Alexa will be implemented. What is clear is that it would be a great boost for the division that closed last year with losses of about 10,000 million dollars.

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