Home Business Amazon partners with Snap to publish ads on its platform –

Amazon partners with Snap to publish ads on its platform –

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Amazon has reached an agreement with Snap that allows users to purchase its products directly through ads in the Snapchat app. Confirmation of this collaboration comes from an Amazon spokesperson, as reported by TechCrunCh.

Amazon ads on the social network display real-time information, including prices, delivery estimates, product details, and eligibility for the Prime subscription service.

This approach will make it easier for consumers to link their Snapchat account to their Amazon account through a single facility. Once the link is set up, users in the product listing will be able to make a payment with Amazon using Amazon’s default shipping address and payment method without leaving the app. This Amazon in-app shopping feature is available for select products advertised on Snapchat and sold by Amazon or independent sellers on the platform.

Make the online experience easier

This partnership will facilitate the online experience and position the e-commerce giant more competitively than TikTok, which recently launched TikTok Shop in the US, allowing brands and creators to sell their products through the app. Currently, TikTok Shop only offers inexpensive products from China.

By offering products to a young audience on Snapchat, Amazon has the opportunity to attract customers it otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. Additionally, you can showcase products that might have gone unnoticed through regular Amazon shopping.

The agreement with Snap is similar to Amazon’s alliance with Meta communicated last week Consumers can purchase Amazon products directly through ads on Instagram and Facebook.

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