Amazon offers new insights into NFT plans through this email

Earlier this month you could read in the NFT news that the great Amazon might enter the Web3 world at the end of April with its own non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. The rumors about Amazon’s entrance into the Web3 world have been going on since January, but until now no one has been able to find out about some of the details.

That has now changed, as an e-mail is circulating that would have been sent from the superpower within e-commerce.

NFT plans Amazon

Following a subscription renewal from Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service, the user received a confirmation email stating that the digital token is now available in the user’s gallery. The link used in the email doesn’t seem to work yet.

In addition, the email also mentions resale opportunities and notes that the NFT is not eligible to resell “until it is unlocked.” It was also stated that the user would have to ”register as a reseller” before he could market the NFT. But here too the corresponding link does not work.

It’s still unclear exactly how NFTs are connected to the subscription renewal, although this email was received around the same time as the subscription renewal transaction confirmation.

Web3 adoption

Amazon’s embrace of NFTs could be a huge step toward mass adoption of Web3 for its millions of global users. Amazon CEO Andy Jassey has in April 2022 has already expressed his openness to the blockchain, as he said the following on CNBC’s Squawk Box program at the time:

“I expect NFTs to continue to grow significantly. We are not yet close to adding crypto as a means of payment in our retail business. But I believe over time you will see crypto, and it is possible… it is possible in the future.”

Whether Amazon will actually launch its own NFT platform at the end of April is by no means certain. It is important to mention that nothing has been officially released from Amazon yet.

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