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Amazon offers email marketing tools to its sellers

In Acceleratethe annual seller conference of Amazon, the company has introduced three new audience types within the Amazon Customer Acquisition Tool to help sellers increase their email marketing reach at no cost.

For the first time, sellers can go beyond the Amazon ecosystem when sending free marketing emails to reach their most loyal customers, such as repeat customers, recent customers, and high spenders.

«Brands are able to quickly acquire new customers in the Amazon store, but expressed the need to improve tools to increase customer lifetime valuesaid Benjamin Hartman, vice president of Amazon North America sellers. «These enhancements help unlock the value of remarketing as we further our commitment to helping sellers reach the right customer, at the right time.«

Amazon Customer Engagement Tailored Audiences It also allows marketers to monitor the impact of their email marketing campaigns and customer engagement with performance metrics and reports such as open rate, click-through rates, emails delivered, opt-out rates, etc. sales and conversion.

Amazon is currently testing Tailored Audiences in beta, and the company plans to make it available to all sellers in the United States in early 2023. Through this tool, sellers select customer audience types, and Amazon sends marketing email directly to those audiences. customers. The tool will be available free of charge on Seller Central, Amazon’s online portal for sellers. Amazon also plans to enhance message design capabilities with custom HTML content and improved templates coming soon.

Amazon offers a number of industry-leading tools that enable sellers to communicate their brand stories with a consistent voice across their physical, direct-to-consumer, and Amazon shopping experience. These free, self-service branding and marketing solutions help marketers better understand and engage customers, differentiate and build their brand, and optimize sales.

Amazon has also recently launched content Premium A+, an update to the standard content management system that supports new, larger modules on product pages – such as videos, hotspots, image carousels, and questions and answers – for all brands around the world that meet the eligibility criteria. Participating brands have seen sales increase up to 20% on products with Premium A+ content.



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