Amazon maintains its leadership position as the advertising platform preferred by consumers

This is what consumers think Amazon is best advertising platformwith relevant and useful ads and with few negative qualities as shown in the report’Kantar media reactions 2023‘, created by Kantar Insights. Although Amazon is not among the five most popular platforms among marketers worldwide, it still inspires trust among consumers, with an annual increase 10% in the relevant ratings. The Andy Jassy-led company also tops the charts Brazil, Germany and Mexicothree of the 23 markets included in the study.

However, for specialists in the industry: Youtube At 6% more than in 2022, it is a benchmark. This doesn’t happen with consumers who have a different vision and place their loyalty on Amazon. When it comes to social networks, professionals rely more on Instagram, Consumers are more on TikTok.

On the other hand, this is shown by the report, which surveys the attitudes of consumers and marketers towards advertising platforms and channels Personal touchpoints dominate the channels preferred by consumers, with sponsored events for the second year in a row. They accompany others in the TOP 5 such as advertising in cinemas, points of sale and digital outdoor advertising. The study also reveals other significant differences between the channels preferred by marketers and consumers, such as the former leaning towards newer channels while the latter prefer less intrusive channels.

TV, missing in the ranking

On his part TVthe traditional axis of advertising campaigns, missing from the rankings the advertising channels preferred by professionals this year. While it never received a high rating from consumers, it has historically been rated highly by marketers. However, after ranking third among marketers’ preferred channels last year, has fallen to twelfth place in 2023. Television sponsorship has meanwhile fallen from 12th place to 20th place. Only 6% of marketers say they will increase TV spending in 2024.

«Today’s successful advertising fits seamlessly into consumers’ lives: while scrolling, viewing or simply in everyday life. This year, consumers have spoken out and said they prefer advertising they see outside of the home, such as at sponsored events or in the cinema. So why is there such a huge mismatch between the advertising consumers enjoy and what marketers spend their precious budgets on? We know that advertising campaigns are seven times more effective with receptive audiences. Therefore, it is crucial for marketers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different advertising platforms and invest your money where it will make an impact.“he defined Gonca Bubani, Global Media Director from Kantar.


From the marketers’ perspective, the study is “Kantar media reactions 2023“quantifies how trends and changes in the media landscape influence your attitudes.” On the one hand, The Metaverse remains an unfulfilled promise. In 2022, 61% of marketers said they would increase their spending in the metaverse, but only 12% did so. In the 2023 study, only one in five (22%) said they would increase their advertising budget next year.

Regarding the development of Xthe platform formerly known as Twitter negative impact on marketers, as it does not appear on the list of five advertising platforms preferred by these professionals, who have lower expectations of future innovation (16% currently compared to 28% in 2021) and trust (7% currently compared to 11% in 2021) wake up. . Actually, 14% say they will reduce their advertising investment on the platform in 2024.

On the other hand, marketers continue to invest in channels that consumers do not find attention-grabbing. While influencer content ranks first in this regard, it is not in the top 5 among consumers. Furthermore, half of marketers believes that attention is not as important as the brand or sales resultsalthough there is evidence that it helps build brands and increases sales.

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