Amazon launches Astro, the robot that watches your home at $ 1,499.99

Amazon has unveiled its first domestic robot named Astro. The latter’s mission is to make sure that everything goes well in your home in your absence. Equipped with a camera and several sensors, it recognizes both people living under the same roof and the potential dangers there. It is currently only available in the United States for a price of $ 1,499.99.

Credit: Amazon

“It’s science fiction come true”, said with pride Suri Maddhula, a member of the development team. And she’s not completely wrong, as Astro seems endowed with a personality of its own. Astro is the new robot from Amazon, unveiled yesterday. His goal : make sure that all is well in the house of its owners, using its cameras, multiple integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. Be careful, however, this is not a “Alexa on wheels”, specifies the manufacturer.

Amazon has been wanting to expand the scope of its personal assistant for a few years. The goal, as the group explained once the rumor became official, was then to make artificial intelligence really smart, by allowing it to explore the world around him. It is now done. Until now confined to connected speakers and other devices, Alexa can now move in all the rooms of the house, for as well bring you your beer that inform you of the presence of a stranger.

Astro, the first intelligent domestic robot

When you are away from home, Astro can be remote control to film what is happening there, in order to monitor your children or your pets. In the event of an unusual event, the robot sends you a notification so that you can react quickly. It is also equipped with a periscope camera which allows it toexamine high areas, in particular to check if the gas is extinguished as shown by Amazon.

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Of course, the question of privacy arises. Having a robot that films everything going on at home, built by Amazon moreover, may not inspire confidence in everyone. To this, the group responds that it is possible to configure forbidden zones for Astro, and that this one has a “do not disturb” function. It is also possible to deactivate its cameras and microphones, although it then becomes completely useless.

Astro will be available soon, only in the United States. Its suggested price is $ 999.99. However, this is a limited offer. Once the stocks are gone, the robot will be marketed $ 1499.99. Amazon did not say if it plans to launch it across the world.

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