Amazon is revolutionizing its search experience with AI

Amazon wants to revolutionize its customers’ search experience by introducing generative AI capabilities. As Business Insider reports, the company has is developing a chatbot that will be integrated into the marketplace’s search engine and will act as a personal advisor. This initiative was named “Nile Project”.

The chatbot will be based on information from the American multinational’s buyers to offer personalized suggestions. This new AI assistant proactively displays search results, expert answers and product suggestions.

This function was led by Amazon Vice President Joseph Sirosh. Amazon originally expected to officially launch Nilo in September, but its plans have been affected and it is estimated that it could be delayed until January on the mobile app in the United States and then it will expand to the Internet and other countries .

How do I use this chatbot feature?

Shoppers can use the chat feature to receive recommendations, product comparisons and reviews, as well as ask further questions. For example, when users ask for recommendations on what type of coffee maker they should buy, the Amazon search bar offers multiple options for an Italian coffee maker, a capsule maker, or an espresso maker, with the ability to compare features between them or request more information . Additionally, you can offer review summaries and even receive personalized recommendations based on customers’ individual order history and wish lists.

It’s about the Amazon’s first commitment to implementing generative AI across all of its businesses. We will first have to wait and see how this project develops.

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