Amazon is preparing for the end of cookies

Amazon is already preparing the ground for its continued dominance Third party cookies disappear. The company led by Andy Jassy has achieved a Agreement with Reachthe largest newspaper publisher in the United Kingdom and Ireland, responsible for publishing the Daily Mirror, DailyRecord, BelfastLive and Manchester Evening News, among others.

According to the Financial Times, this is one of the first agreements of its kind in Europe to do this Share first-party, contextual data so advertisers know what products customers are viewing; and Amazon will use the information to improve the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns in Reach media.

Both companies have stated that “The partnership comes as the advertising world looks at eliminating third-party cookies, a long-awaited industry milestone that Google initiated in early January.«. Financial details were not disclosed.

Parallel to, Mantis is also involved in the agreement, a tool originally developed to prevent brands from appearing near inappropriate content. Currently, this tool is also used to place ads next to content relevant to users.

«As the industry transitions to a cookie-free environment, first-party contextual signals are critical to helping us develop actionable insights that enable our advertisers to reach relevant audiences without sacrificing reach, relevance or ad performance .»has emphasized Frazer Locke, Director of AdTech Sales at Amazon Ads in the European Union.

On January 4th Google initiated the first phase of the gradual reduction of third-party cookies, They will be removed for 1% of Chrome users worldwide, randomly chosen. An “important” milestone for the company in its initiative Privacy sandbox Phase out third-party cookies for everyone.

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Subject to a decision by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)that oversees the implementation of Privacy Sandbox, The plan is to delete these data files by the third quarter of 2024.

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