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Amazon is expanding its fast supermarket delivery service in Spain to customers without Prime

Amazon is expanding its fast supermarket delivery service in Spain to customers without Prime

Amazon announced this on Tuesday Supermarket product delivery service, previously exclusive to Prime customers, is now available to all Amazon customers in areas where Amazon’s supermarket product offering is currently available. This means that all Amazon customers in the locations and zip codes where the supermarket service is available can place their orders Amazon Freshin the DIA Store or, in the case of customers from Madrid, in Peace Market via Amazon.es.

«We are always looking for the best way to make grocery shopping easy, quick and convenient for all of our customers. This development, which will allow more customers to do their grocery shopping online, is part of Amazon’s efforts to create a grocery shopping experience that offers great choice, convenience and convenience. Customers in Spain can now place their orders online and receive them at home in the cities and postcodes where the service is available, even if they are not Prime customers“, has explained Camille Bur, Director of Amazon Fresh in Spain, Italy and Germany.

Starting today, the company reports, Amazon customers in 14 Spanish cities and their surrounding areas will have access to same-day, two-hour delivery of supermarket purchases from Amazon Fresh or its commercial partners DIA and Mercado de la Paz.

By extending grocery service to all customers, regardless of whether they have a Prime subscription or not, Amazon customers will be able to shop in the cities and zip codes where Amazon Fresh, the DIA Store and the Mercado de la Peace are located on Amazon .it is located.

Amazon Fresh, that It is available in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​Seville, Valencia and Zaragozaoffers thousands of items including fresh and frozen produce, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, snacks – everything for weekly and pantry shopping – as well as personal and home care products. Customers can choose from a wide selection of national brands such as Pascual, Campofrío, Gallina Blanca or Estrella Galicia, as well as local brands and fresh products from local suppliers, and from hundreds of products on offer every day, in addition to discounts for the first order, what helps them save on their weekly shopping.

The DIA Store on Amazon.es is available to customers in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Málaga, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Gijón, A Coruña, Murcia, Granada, Cádiz, Pamplona and surrounding areas. The Mercado de la Paz, in turn, is available to customers from Madrid and surrounding areas who can buy products at this food market.

Prime customers

The Prime customers continue to benefit from Amazon Fresh benefits. They have lower shipping costs and can qualify for free shipping on smaller orders. In addition, they will continue to rely on hourly deliveries.

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