Amazon is putting AI-powered cameras on delivery vans in the UK, after installing them in the US last year.

the cameras they monitor driver behavior, issue voice alerts if they accelerate or brake sharply, and classify drivers accordingly.

are being installed two cameras on amazon vans, one facing the driver and the other facing the road.

Amazon deployed its AI cameras in the United States last year and he used them to decide driver salaries and whether to keep them on the team.

created a points based system to detect when drivers have not looked at the road, hugged the vehicle in front or even sneezed.

Cameras provide real-time alerts to improve safety, an Amazon spokesperson said, saying crashes were down 48%, stop sign violations were down by a fifth and the number of drivers not wearing a seat belt was up. reduced by 60%.

“The purpose of introducing this technology is to keep drivers and communities safe, there is no other reason behind it. We perform a comprehensive data privacy assessment in accordance with applicable lawsan Amazon spokesperson said the telegraph.


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