Amazon Glow: A New Interactive Device for Kids to Play and Communicate

Amazon announced today Amazon Glow, a new interactive device that brings new magic to video calling and transforms the way kids connect with their loved ones remotely by participating in activities together.

During video calls on Glow, children see their loved ones on an 8″ screen while reading stories, playing games and creating art in a 19″ touch-sensitive projected space.

At the same time, remote friends and family see the child on a tablet and participate in the same activities using the free Glow app. Glow creates a virtual experience that feels like you’re in the same room.

With Glow, kids can have fun and hone their skills with remote friends and family, who in turn can share stimuli in real time.

Together, children and loved ones at a distance can:

  • Reading: Choose from thousands of children’s books to read in the 19″ designed virtual space and delight in rainbow hands, spotlights and word bubbles to add excitement to your reading.
  • Touch: Play classic games like chess, checkers, fish and memory games with new creative twists and new games like ABC Charades and Paddle Battle
  • Draw: Create art using a color palette with digital pencils, crayons, brushes or spray paint in a variety of themed art packs. Add stickers to boost creativity and use the eraser to start over.
  • To discover: Find the hidden magic with animations and sounds that will delight children and adults alike; and unlock in-game levels to continually challenge young minds.

The best of the digital and physical worlds also come together at Glow to fuel children’s creativity and develop problem-solving skills:

  • Object verification. Childhood dreams of turning everyday objects into digital fun are now a reality with Glow’s object digitization feature. Children can turn their favorite toy into a personalized puzzle, turning the toy’s digital scan into virtual pieces for reassembly. Or digitize a favorite school art project and turn it into a new masterpiece with the help of a remote loved one.
  • Glow Bits. Children and families can experience a new way of having fun with physical objects with Glow Bits learning kits. The first Glow Bits learning kit is the Tangram puzzle game, in which children use physical shapes and their remote family member. Tangram Bits are included with the Glow purchase, and the other Glow Bits will soon be sold separately.
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Like all Amazon Kids products, Glow is designed with parental controls. Children can only call pre-approved contacts selected by their parents.

With Dashboard, parents can see who their children are contacting. Parents can instantly disable the device’s cameras and microphones by simply closing the visible privacy shutter.

Price and availability

The gloss is available for a starting price of $249.99, with a retail price of $299.99, and comes with a mat, a mat cover, 1 year of Amazon Kids+ and a pack of Tangram Bits.

Glow works with a free mobile app on Android and iOS tablets, with Fire OS coming soon, so loved ones can connect remotely

At the moment we do not have information about its availability and price in Spain.

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