Home World Amazon drastically cuts the price of Moulinex’s Cookeo multicooker (limited time)

Amazon drastically cuts the price of Moulinex’s Cookeo multicooker (limited time)

Amazon drastically cuts the price of Moulinex's Cookeo multicooker (limited time)

The Moulinex Cookeo multicooker is the essential kitchen robot to save time when preparing your meals. He cooks and prepares small dishes for you and your whole family. This intelligent robot is your kitchen clerk and allows you to make meals for up to 6 people. Amazon offers you the Cookeo multicooker from Moulinex at a price of 199.99 euros instead of 271.99 euros at Amazon. Take advantage of more than 70 euros reduction for a complete and versatile multicooker. It offers up to 6 cooking modes to cook your food: steam, pressure, brown, simmer, slow cook and reheat. The “keep warm” function maintains the temperature of your food for up to 1h30. 100 recipes are already pre-programmed in the Moulinex Cookeo and can be accessed directly from the control panel. Order your multicooker for less than 200 euros at Amazon.

The Cookeo is your personalized and intelligent kitchen assistant. It accompanies you from A to Z in the realization of your meals. It lists the ingredients and tells you the preparation steps. You don’t miss a single dish thanks to the Moulinex multicooker. Take advantage of the Amazon offer to get it at a discount and get a great deal. The Cookeo has four interactive menus to perfect your cooking (a menu for ingredients, for recipes, a manual and a library). You can plan your meals until 3 p.m. thanks to the delayed start and come home from work with a ready-made dinner. When you order the Cookeo from Amazon, you benefit from a 10-year repairability and a 2-year warranty.



Click here to take advantage of the Amazon offer on the Moulinex Cookeo multicooker


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