produces 50% of Amazon’s GMV

The American tech giant Amazon leads the ranking of the most successful online stores in most of the western world, such as United States, Germany, France or United Kingdom. It is one of the largest employers worldwide. It beats out retail heavyweights like Walmart on a number of criteria. And Amazon has far surpassed the status of a mere online store.

The tech giant relies on several different revenue streams, including cloud services, advertising or subscription. One of Amazon’s biggest sources of income is the marketplace business. In 2021, Amazon generated revenue of more than 103,000 million dollars from third-party sales services, a share of total revenue that has grown steadily in recent years. And that’s just revenue – the total GMV produced by the various Amazon marketplace URLs is much higher. To dig even deeper into Amazon’s marketplace business, ecommerceDB has prepared a detailed breakdown of GMV numbers by Amazon’s top domains:

Amazon’s leading marketplace URL is the .com domain, given that of the $684 billion in total GMV that Amazon generated through its marketplaces, accounted for the 53%, or a total of $365 billion in 2021. This is not surprising, as the .com domain is Amazon’s primary URL and is active in many countries, including some that also have a local URL. Of the local domains, Japan, Germany and the UK they have the strongest Amazon marketplaces., and together produce around 26% of the total GMV of the market. In terms of GMV growth, Amazon’s top 5 URLs rank differently: may still be small in terms of GMV’s share of Amazon’s total market, but the Canadian URL is Amazon’s top market in terms of GMV growth. Between 2020 and 2021, grew more than 33%, exceeding by a very large margin to the other top URLs on Amazon. With a growth of 25%, ranked second.

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Together, these two URLs primarily drive Amazon’s average GMV growth of the 22% However, it is still notable that the top 5 URLs grew at double-digit rates between 2020 and 2021. This has helped Amazon secure its position as the world’s largest marketplace, extending its lead over the Chinese marketplaces Taobao and Tmall.

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