Amazon closes 8 cashierless stores in the United States

Amazon’s goal of revolutionizing the food market it has been a failure. The company’s cashierless supermarkets have not worked. This is a sign that technology and money are not enough to succeed. Jeff Bezos’ technology seeks to reduce expenses. Thus, the lack of profitability has led to close eight Amazon Go stores in the United States soon. Throughout the country, it has 29 establishments of this type in the country, which means that one in five stores will close.

The firm will close two establishments in Seattle, another two in New York and four in San Francisco. The transition will take place during the month of March and the final settlement of these eight locations will take place on April 1. Outside the United States, Amazon made the leap to the United Kingdom and opened several supermarkets without checkouts. Last year he made the decision to stop the expansion in the European territory.

The decline of this initiative has been influenced by the pandemic and changes in shopping habits. In addition, Amazon’s mismanagement of physical spaces, so far removed from ecommerce strategies, of which it is undoubtedly the king.

A store without cashiers or queues

During 2018, Amazon decided to embark on its adventure and bet on technology Just Walk Outwhich, based on a series of cameras and sensors, allows a store without going through the checkout. His goal was to give shoppers the option of enjoying the service they would have in a futuristic store, since they don’t have queues either.

Stores automatically detect products that are packaged. Thus, customers download a stand-alone Amazon Go mobile application to shop in stores. To do this, the user picks up the items in the physical store and the application loads them into the virtual cart once the order is complete, without having to wait in line or physically pay for the products. After leaving the establishment, the application tracks the purchase and generates the invoice, which is charged directly to each user’s Amazon account.

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