Amazon begins charging for some returns at UPS stores

Amazon has begun charging fees for some returns at UPS stores in an effort to reduce costs associated with customers shipping items, as disclosed by The Information.

The collection of returns by companies is a topic that has marked the news in recent months. In fact, big companies like Inditex, has implemented a charge of 1.95 euros in this type of service since February of this year. Now this new movement of Amazontogether with warning about frequently returned itemsare part of the company’s drive to reduce expenses related to returns.

Specifically, with the new label of “product with frequent returns”the company intends to encourage consumers to review the reviews of the products that interest them before purchasing them, thus reducing the possibility of returning an item due to an error in the description or poor quality of what is sold and, in this way, reduce the costs that returns represent. “We currently display return rate information on some product detail pages to help our customers make more informed purchasing decisions”, confirmed an Amazon spokeswoman to the aforementioned medium. This warning has already appeared on some third-party listings managed by Amazon.

Currently, the amazon return policy allows customers to return new, unused items up to 30 days after purchase, usually free of charge, unless the item is deemed non-returnable. However, for the company this fact represents several Costs associated with the management and movement of reverse logisticsand it is a disadvantage that this happens frequently in the same article.

Also, in its plan to cut costs, last month Amazon announced a new round of 9,000 layoffs which are added to the cut of 18,000 jobs undertaken by the company between the end of 2022 and the beginning of this year. “The company’s decision to undertake new layoffs would seek to optimize costs in a context marked by the uncertainty that exists in the near future”reiterated its CEO Andy Jassy.

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