Amazfit Falcon is official and will be the cheapest alternative to Apple Watch Ultra

Amazfit has just introduced its latest smartwatch, the Amazfit Falcon. This is the brand’s first rugged smartwatch, so it’s immediately comparable to the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Amazfit Falcon is a new milestone for the Chinese company. It is the most premium watch ever released by the brand and has many features and build quality that make it the perfect companion for sportsmen.

Amazfit Falcon is the most resistant watch of this Chinese company

One of the flags of the new Amazfit Falcon is, without a doubt, its build quality. This model has a case made of aeronautical grade titanium for greater resistance and the glass of its screen is made of sapphire crystal.

amazfit falcon

As the brand announced in the presentation, the Amazfit Falcon has enough durability to pass 15 military-grade tests. Therefore, it is not surprising that the slogan chosen by the brand for this product is “break limits”.

This is the ideal watch to accompany athletes

The main focus of Amazfit Falcon lies in sports. This product comes equipped with many features dedicated to this audience that many of its more popular competitors do not offer.

As an example, this promises to be the most suitable smart watch to accompany those who go to gyms. All because the Amazfit Falcon comes equipped with various features designed specifically for this audience.

According to Amazfit, your new watch will be able to automatically monitor various strength exercises. In effect, it will count reps, sets, and even the rest time taken between sets.

amazfit falcon

Through Zeep Coach, Falcon will offer its users various exercise suggestions. Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, specific exercises will be proposed for each user and you will even be able to detect an eventual exaggeration of exercises and thus suggest rest days.

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For lovers of exercise abroad, the Amazfit Falcon will support more than 150 modalities, among which are kitesurfing, golf or triathlon. Thanks to its 20 ATM certification, the watch can be submerged up to 200 meters deep.

The presence of dual-band GPS ensures users more accurate tracking and real-time navigation. Through the Zeep app, users will be able to import routes. It also has internal storage to store your favorite songs so you can leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run.

In the field of health, this watch offers continuous monitoring of parameters such as heart rate, sleep, oximetry and stress levels. Traditional features of this doll product niche.

With so many features, those interested in the Amazfit Falcon will be pleased to know that it has an estimated autonomy of up to 14 days in normal use or 7 days in intensive use. All this thanks to its 500 mAh battery.

Finally, it is important to inform you that the Amazfit Falcon will be sold for US$499.99. A price that is out of the ordinary for this brand, but due to the range of features and resistances it offers, it is a very interesting value.

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