Amanda Serrano defeats a brave Miram Gutiérrez

Miriam Gutiérrez added another war to her curriculum. He faced Katie Taylor in 2020 and a year later, in Tampa in the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 co-star, he gave an even bigger battle against Amanda serrano. Few in the United States gave the joke to the Spanish, but the world champion in seven divisions always respected her. He knew what he was capable of and Miriam showed it in the ring. He fell to the points clearly (99-90, 99-91 and 100-90), but never gave up and knew how to hold all the stakes. He went to fight a war and served for ten rounds.

One of the worst moments of the fight for the Spanish was the first round. Miriam came out and landed a powerful left crochet, but Serrano was a whirlwind afterward. He began to get a lot of rhythm and Gutiérrez had to wrinkle and weather the storm. It was taking hands to the against, it could not stop because it was the visitor and the referee could intervene. The second round had the same dynamics, but in the third everything changed. SErrano realized that it was not going to be a quick job and temporized.

Serrano worked very well to the body and Miriam never had complexes. He crossed blows whenever he could. It was his plan and he laid it out perfectly. He hit with very clear hands, but Amanda resisted them as if nothing to later arrive with greater volume. The other critical point for the Spanish came at the end. The seven-division champion picked up the pace in the seventh round and again Miriam had no choice but to hold on. There were three rounds left and Serrano was reserved for the end. There he got everything and Miriam accepted the war. He put blows, but suffered, especially down. Even so, Miriam always says that “the hardest blows are not the ring” (she was abused by her partner when she was a teenager and was pregnant with her daughter). That breed came out again. The difference in level was clear, the ordeal knew it was great … but he did not give up his efforts. At the end, Amanda Serrano recognized his worth. From warrior to warrior.

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This is how we live in AS the evening of Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2

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