Amadeo Salvo, to the referees: “Golfos, you are some golfos!”

The president of UD Ibiza, Amadeo Salvo, charged hard against the match referee, David Gálvez Rascón, according to the minutes of the match between the Ibizan team and UD Las Palmas. “Rogues, you are rascals!”are the words that the top leader of the Pitiuso club would have addressed to the main referee and one of the assistants.

The record also states that Salvo addressed the referees shouting and repeated the aforementioned phrase “up to five times, raising the level of his shouts”, until the referees got into the locker room. The president of Ibiza lost his temper after the defeat of his team, which fell 2-1 against the provisional leader of LaLiga SmartBank.

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The most controversial move was the expulsion of left back Gonzalo Escobar a few minutes after the start of the second half (51′). The Argentine player saw the second yellow after an action with Pejiño. The referee interpreted that Escobar knocked down the opponent “with his arm in the dispute for the ball” and he did it “recklessly”. Before, he had seen another yellow card, in the 36th minute, for “recklessly knocking down an opponent while fighting for the ball.”

The referee also took a loud whistle from the Ibizan fans when he retired to the changing rooms after the conclusion of the match.

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