Álvaro did win the derby

Just when they were going to meet three months of his previous appearance in the Leaguethat October 2 of unfortunate outcome before the Valencia, Álvaro Fernández returned to occupy the goal of Espanyol. And it was not just any day. Not only because of New Year’s Eve, an anecdotal context, but above all because of the setting and the adversary: the Camp Nou, against Barcelona. A litmus test that the La Rioja goalkeeper it came out bigbecoming together with Joselu Mato the great protagonist of the draw for Espanyol.

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five stops carried out by Álvaro Fernández, some so providential that even in repetitions they seem nothing short of miraculous. The most, the prodigious hand in the 87th minute before a header from Andreas Christensen that not only was it adjusted to his right stick but also bounced just before reaching the goal line. Salvador had also been before Gavi (minute 7), as before raphinha in a save with the shoulder (38 ‘) and it would be again at 88 ‘in a one-on-one against Robert Lewandowski.

“I am very happy for him. He has a lot of personality, he has shown that he is a great goalkeepersaid of him a Joselu that gave meaning to the magnificent performance of the goalkeeper with a penalty goal that gave Espanyol that transcendental point. “You have arrived prepared, with confidenceto this match. We see the returns, not the DNI, nor the nationality, nor the age. Whoever we understand is better to perform at that moment will be the one to play”, resolved his coach, diego martinezwhich has three candidates plus what the market can bring.

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Not in vain, this same Tuesday the Copa del Rey, at the RCDE Stadium against Celtaand it is most likely that Álvaro –who did play the first tie, against CD Rincón (0-3)– give the goal to Joan Garcíaalready started the last round against Atlético Paso (0-1), or less likely to Benjamin Lecomte, the tenant of the goal the last eight league days until the Camp Nou. And what, yes, La Rioja puts on his gloves again next Saturday against Girona. In another derby. In another match in which the three points will be gold.

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