The Catholic community also has its influencers and the conclusions of the Sauvé report encourage them to mobilize. This Friday, October 8, disgusted by the terrifying figures of sexual violence in the Church, they expressed themselves on Twitter under the hashtag #MyChurchToo (#AussiMonEglise), to demand a profound reform of the institution and to affirm their will to s’ invest.

Erwan Le Morhedec, lawyer and Catholic essayist, author of the blog Koztoujours, is one of dozens of lay people who launched the movement. At 3 p.m. sharp, this Friday, in reference to the day and time of the Passion of Christ according to the Bible, he said he was “seized” by the “ordeal” of the victims of child crime within the Church. “Lay people, we must be heard! Lay people, we demand that the reforms be adopted! ”He wrote.

Revealed on October 5, the Sauvé report estimated at 216,000 the number of people over the age of 18 who had been subjected to violence or sexual assault during their minority by clerics or Catholic religious in France, from 1950 to 2020. According to the conclusions of the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church (Ciase), the number of victims even climbs to 330,000 “if we add the lay aggressors working in institutions of the Catholic Church “.

With the hashtag #AussiMyEglise, Internet users wanted not only to express their support for the victims, but also “to show society our willingness to mobilize and above all to ask the bishops for a reform of the Church in action and in depth to put an end to these crimes. », Summarizes Erwan Le Morhedec, interviewed by the weekly Christian family.

Behind this hashtag, sufficiently taken up to appear in Twitter trends, the message was as follows: the Catholic Church is not limited to the episcopate and the faithful also want to have their say, especially when the institution shows such flaws. They anticipate in particular the plenary assembly of the bishops of France, scheduled for the beginning of November: decisions will be taken there and they want to ensure that the laity are involved.

“Shame on you”

For many Catholics, the hashtag #AussiMyEglise was also an opportunity to express their anger. “To the bishops above all: trust is broken”, we could read, “You claim to be in charge of the flock and you abuse it. Shame on you. ”, Or even:“ Anger at inappropriate, insufficient, empty responses ”.

Requests and recommendations are formulated a bit haphazardly, from the “resignation” of the bishops who covered up pedophile acts, to the participation of the laity in the appointment of priests. “We want to be involved,” confirms Erwan Le Moredhec. For a long time we delegated the management of the Church with a form of naivety, without feeling concerned, but the result does not satisfy us ”.

Using the words of Jean-Marc Sauvé when submitting the report, these Catholics are determined to weigh more within the Church, to prevent the bishops from having at the same time “legislative, executive and judicial power”. A demand that has already made its way to the highest levels, since the integration of the faithful into decision-making bodies is not only part of the recommendations of the Ciase, but must also be the subject of a synod, demanded by Pope Francis himself.


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