Also “Side-eyeing Chloe” meme up for auction as NFT on Ethereum (ETH), how much will it bring?

Another well-known internet “meme” will be auctioned soon as a so-called non-fungible token (NFT). This time it’s about “Side-eyeing Chloe,” the girl who looks rather suspiciously into the camera:

The photo comes from a video from 2013. Chloe Clem, now 10 years old, was then filmed by her mother, who announced a surprise trip to Disneyland in the car. Chloe’s sister wept with joy, but Chloe herself was less impressed. The photo of her reaction subsequently became an internet sensation. Her mother tells the BBC:

“I opened Tumblr and there were just pages and pages of Chloe’s face. It was very weird, very overwhelming. My family and friends sent me these memes – to this day they still send me the Chloe memes they see on the internet.”

The photo is now up for auction as an NFT on the Ethereum (ETH) network. A non-fungible token is a cryptocurrency token that is non-exchangeable. Each NFT is unique allowing it to serve as a kind of digital proof of ownership that is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

This is not the same as a copyright and is not (as yet) legally recognized with property rights. Nevertheless, the NFT market has exploded this year as it offers many artists a new way to sell their art. Click here to read more about exactly what NFTs are.

How much will the auction bring for Chloe?

Side-eyeing Chloe’s auction starts with a bid of 5 ETH, currently worth around $15,500 (€13,250), but this amount could rise significantly during the auction. We have seen this happen before with such NFT auctions. The auction will take place on, it is still unknown when exactly it will start.

“It’s a cool opportunity, especially if there’s a Chloe fan who likes this meme, then they can own it. Even Chloe has said ‘that’s pretty cool’ – it’s a typical 10-year-old thing to say.”

According to Chloe’s mother, adding that the proceeds will go towards her education:

“Chloe says, ‘I’d like to buy a horse, I’d like to build a Walt Disney World,’ but I’d just like to help her through college.”

Recently, the well-known “doge meme,” the picture used for dogecoin (DOGE), was auctioned for a whopping $4 million. Later, this NFT was split into DOG tokens that for a short time were worth even $500 million. However, the DOG price dropped considerably later.

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