Also Bitvavo list Ethereum scalability solution Arbitrum

Millions of ARB tokens were distributed last week during the highly anticipated airdrop of Arbitrum. The attention within Web3 is therefore in a sense towards the Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 after it was announced that this airdrop would be launched. In the words of the Arbitrum Foundation, the airdrop is an “official move” to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Major crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase immediately made the token tradable after the airdrop. On home soil, crypto exchange Anycoin Direct was the first to join: a day after the airdrop, users were already able to benefit from the volatility in the ARB price.

Yesterday Bitvavo announced that Dutch people have been given an option to trade and/or invest in ARB.

ARB on Bitvavo

An important sidenote is that it is not yet possible to deposit and/or withdraw ARB. Of course this will soon change as it will be possible to record on ARB from next month. Deposits will become available later on the platform.

holders of the ARB token will be able to vote on key decisions related to Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova – networks that allow users to transact on the Ethereum blockchain with faster speeds and lower fees.

The Arbitrum Foundation describes it this way:

Arbitrum DAO will have the power to make important decisions about protocol, from how the technology of the chain is upgraded to how the revenue from the chain is used to support the ecosystem.”

Arbitrum phishing scam

A few days ago you could read in the altcoin news that many people are trying to take advantage of all the hype around the Arbitrum airdrop. In the official Discord sever of Arbitrum, a phishing link around. This link would supposedly give users an additional share in the Arbitrum DAO Governance offer, but obviously it’s just a way to get behind the private keys from a wallet.

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