Alpine’s sharp response to Fernando Alonso’s crack in Canada

Fernando Alonso breaks Alpine with his future plans in F1

The penalty of five seconds for the Spaniard where he finished in ninth position

The Spanish Fernando Alonsodouble world champion Formula 1who finished seventh this Sunday in the Grand Prix of Canadathe ninth of the year, was sanctioned with a five-second penalty for zigzagging and hindering the Finn Valtteri Bottasof the team Alfa Romeoin the final stretch of the race.

In this way Fernando Alonso asked by radio if he could attack in the last section of the Canadian Grand Prix. In front of him was his teammate, Stephen Ocon. But his team did not give him permission despite having more speed and display in qualifying in the rain on Saturday.

Alonso Ocon
The outcome of the Canadian GP was not as expected and the man from Oviedo was upset

A bad maneuver in Canada has brought serious consequences for Fernando Alonso

Otmar Szafnauer explained the reason why the Spaniard was not allowed to attack: “We couldn’t change the order because then we would have been really vulnerable. So this was correct. Esteban held back to allow Alonso to have DRS, he could have gone but that’s not good for the team.”

Alonso had to stay behind Ocon and was penalized with five seconds. Another more than complicated Sunday for the two-time F1 champion. And again he was very clear: “Even with the ‘straightline speed thing’ I’ve been 100 times faster all weekend.”

In the coming weeks, F1 will return to the tracks to give new surprises

But that message did not convince Alpine, who once again protected Ocon over an Alonso who returned to score points in another Grand Prix. But those points know very little. Because on Sunday Alonso flew with the Alpine and was only beaten by Max Verstappen in the rain in Canada.

F1 returns in two weeks. On July 3, the next race. There Alonso will want to continue showing that he is faster than his partner and that he deserves that Alpine allows him to fight in the race as equals, taking into account that he had previously complained that the car was running better.


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