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Alpine teaches The Plan

Fernando Alonso (Alpine A521). Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. F1 2021.

That philosophical movement or state of mind called The plan Today it becomes something tangible, a racing car, the result of years of work and effort by a factory that wants to be relevant again in the Formula 1 World Championship. Alpine presents this afternoon in Paris, at 18:00 CET, the A522 that Alonso and Ocon will pilot in 2022.

It is the second Enstone model under the umbrella of the French sports car brand, under the umbrella of Renault, and the object of all its progress in the last year, because the A521 was barely developed during the 2021 season for this new Alpine to start with those meters of advantage. Beyond the changes in the visual appearance, as a result of the new aerodynamic regulations, it is also expected that the new power unit will provide a qualitative leap to a chassis that was by no means deficient last year. With more engine, the first Alpine would have been a great car. If that gain in horsepower comes from now, Alonso’s car can be taken seriously.

Hundred races to win

Alpine won the last Hungarian GP with Ocon and added another podium last year, Alonso’s in Qatar. They were fifth in the Constructors’ World Championship. Insufficient to aspire to victories in normal circuits and Sundays without frights.

The team’s plan to return to being great sets the goal at 100 races, four years. In recent months there have been political fluctuations and changes in the board: they left Budkowski (CEO) and Prost (advisor and referent), was promoted to fry (technical director) and signed to szafnauer (main team) and famine (director of Viry, the engine factory). The only thing that doesn’t change is the hunger for Alonzo, 40 years old, and Or with, of 25. Good alignment, nice mark. And fast car?

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