From the French team they are attentive to the requests of the Oviedo

Fernando Alonso always gives a lot to talk about Formula 1 and after knowing the desire of ferrari in his signing for 2023, from Alpine they want to hold him at all costs. For this reason, they want to meet the demands made by the Spanish rider so that he feels comfortable in the Enstone.

Let us remember that the interest of Prancing Horse in the two-time world champion has emerged after the 2021 campaign. The Spaniard had an outstanding performance last season, where he was tenth in the standings and thanks to his good form, he led his squad to be fifth in the Builders Championship.

Fernando Alonso
Alonso is wanted by Ferrari and Alpine wants to prevent his departure

Alpine wants to fulfill Alonso’s requests and would give him a key signing

In this way, Alpine does not want to lose one of its key elements and to avoid Alonso leaving Ferrari, it wants to fulfill their requests. One of them has to do with all the changes that have taken place in the team. Given the departure of Marcin Budkowski and Alain Prost, Fernando wants a legendary F1.

And it is precisely one of the great news that has been known, is that Flavio Briatore would be in the orbit of the Gauls. This would be a trigger for the Oviedo’s permanence, since the Italian is one of the trusted men of the two-time Formula 1 champion.

Flavio Briatore in Alpine Orbit

If Alpine wants Fernando Alonso to stay with the team by 2023, they must sign Briatore. This is one of the great demands that the man from Oviedo would make, who would be very pleased to have one of his great mentors by his side again. With the transalpine it was precisely with whom he obtained his two titles.

Everything would be close to happening, since they have seen Briatore in Paris and the information has been confirmed by the journalists of Cuatro. Of course, the role that the Italian would have would have a lot to do with the one left by Alain Prost as adviser. From the team they want a solid structure without cracks and for that reason they propose this figure.


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