Alpine shamelessly positions itself in the war Fernando Alonso

The Canadian GP has shown the position of the team

Fernando Alonso Y were ocon they maintain a rivalry despite being teammates. A rivalry that this past weekend has experienced a new controversial episode, since Alpine made a very controversial team decision. Something that has generated a great debate on social networks, as there are those who consider that the French team has positioned itself with its decision.

All this has happened during the Canadian GP, ​​where Fernando Alonso had serious options to do podium. This is how he predicted his numbers during the weekend, since he had even managed to start from second position. But the race is something else Alpine’s car has once again shown that it is not qualified for the Asturian driver to fight for the top positions.

Alonso Ocon
The outcome of the Canadian GP was not what was expected

Reliability, Alonso’s big problem

Once again, and there have been quite a few during the season, Fernando Alonso has had serious reliability problems in the race. Some problems to those of reliability to which we must add the bad team decisions and also bad luck, which could not be absent this weekend. Some factors that ended with Fernando Alonso in seventh position, although there would still be worse news.

The Asturian driver finished the classification in ninth place, as the race direction considered that he had committed an illegality defending himself against Bottas. In this way, Fernando Alonso lost seven positions with respect to his position on the starting grid. What started out as a very promising weekend for Formula 1 in Spain ended up being a full-fledged nightmare.

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Alpine positions itself in the duel between Alonso and Ocon

After the race, Fernando Alonso spoke about what happened in the race. As the driver commented, the car had problems again. This time it was KERS, which made him lose up to 1 second on straights. In this way he was losing positions although he tried to defend himself in all possible ways. But the most controversial moment came when he was fighting with his partner.

During one of Fernando Alonso’s radios we could hear a team order. A very controversial team order, as they were ordered not to attack Esteban Ocon. In this way, they wanted the Asturian driver to take advantage of his teammate’s DRS so as not to lose so much time on the straights. However, there are those who do not understand this decision, because despite the problem with the KERS he could have tried to overtake.

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