Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine Cars, regrets technical failures

the luck of Fernando Alonso in recent races it has not been as he expected and it is all due to his car. Even many of his classmates have the same opinion. Without a doubt, this has not been good news for the followers of the Spanish pilot who always expect the best of him.

He has seen it as well laurent rossiCEO of Alpine Cars, agrees that Fernando Alonso could be among the best this year, had there not been breakdowns and accidents so far this year. A situation that puts the pilot in a very frustrating unable to move forward.

The performance of Alonso's A522 has improved
The performance of the Alpine A522 has not been up to par this season

The French manager has recognized that the Spanish has felt a lot of frustration

“Yes, of course. We are as frustrated as he is. I’m frustrated. He only has two points, I think, and if you ask people and himself he probably thinks that he is fourth in the World Cup, because he is always up there, so he has been unlucky, ”acknowledged the French manager.

“All the technical failures that we have had or the problems on the track came from the garage, so hopefully they will turn the tables a bit and show, in fact, that he is in brilliant form”, Laurent Rossi wished in front of everyone. those who were listening to him.

The tires of Fernando Alonso’s car are the cause of his little success

The lack of load in fast corners and also in slow ones seems to be the problem that needs to be improved, with which they would correct the problem of tire wear, which in Miami was somewhat less pressing than in previous appointments. “We have to transfer the pace of qualifying, something we haven’t achieved so far.”

“It’s a matter of tuning the car differently. We tried a few things in free practice, we learned a lot and I hope we get to a good point”, he explains. Actually they are adjustments and parts that improve the car in general to be able to compete with McLaren or Mercedes in future races.


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