Alpine F1 without compassion with Fernando Alonso “we have done it on purpose”

Otmar Szafnauer, boss of the French team spoke about the power of the engine

In the absence of three careers for the present to end season of Formula 1a clear conclusion that can be drawn from the garage of Alpine is that the A521single-seater from 2021 and the A522, this year’s car, are completely opposite and Fernando knows this Alonso.

While the first was characterized by its reliability, the second has prevailed over the power of the engine, which has led to many dropouts of both Fernando Alonso and Stephen Ocon. The reason is the freezing by the FIA of power units until 2026.

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The French team recognizes that they failed with the reliability of the engine

Alpine admitted his fault in the KO of Fernando Alonso

This is how Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, explained at the time, from the first instance they sought more speed and less consistency. After the Mexican Grand Prix and Alonso’s umpteenth ‘KO’, Otmar Szafnauer, boss of the French team, apologized to the two-time champion of the world of Formula 1 for what happened this year.

The Romanian explained: “It was a decision that was made before I came here, but it is the right thing to do. We had to gain performance in the power unit before the freeze, we have tightened in that aspect to improve and evolve in reliability, because the FIA ​​does allow work in that aspect.

Likewise, Otmar Szafnauer considers that the race has been excellent

He did not hesitate to affirm that they have made “a little reliable on purpose”: “We don’t know how to forget, but if you have to make a mistake in one aspect, it’s better there. We have to tighten the performance area right now, as we won’t be able to evolve in that area until 2026.”

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About Mexico, Otmar Szafnauer believes that from the wall everything went well: “The race went as we had planned, unlike other times. We got the strategy right and everything went well until Fernando Alonso had that problem with the cylinders that forced him to stop the car”.

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