Alpes-Maritimes: this 1.65m courgette is certainly the longest in France

A sized zucchini. On her return from vacation, a resident of Saorge, a village in the Alpes-Maritimes, discovered that one of her vegetables had grown particularly well.

While going to see her vegetable garden, Liliane Fracassi indeed noticed that one of her trumpet courgettes, a variety of squash eaten before its full maturity, reached the impressive size of 1m65, reports Nice morning.

“She is almost my size”

“I could not weigh it because my scale is broken, but in length, it is quite unprecedented. I measure 1m70, so it is almost my height… ”, declared to the regional daily the resident, who sowed his plants in mid-August.

After some research on the internet, “we did not find longer than that,” said his son. But how to explain such growth? According to Liliane Fracassi, it’s thanks to the rain.

“It has been raining a lot lately, I think it helped because it is a variety that needs a lot of water”, she explained, stressing that it is “an organic production, without fertilizer ”.

“We just left it hanging, and it’s true that my garden is pretty well exposed,” added the gardener, who decided to cut a few pieces to distribute to her neighbors.

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