Alonso’s first goal in Monaco: qualifying

A tweet from alonsolike all those who post on their social networks, unleashed euphoria among the fans of the Asturian pilot: 5/28 and a clock at three in the afternoon. It is the date and time of the beginning of the Monaco GPand many Internet users interpreted the simplicity of the message as a signal for victory 33 added to the calendar figures (28 + 3).

But in Monaco A large part of the race is really decided a day before, in qualifying. And so thinks Fernando Alonso, who in a press release offered by Aston Martinhe explains: “As overtaking is so difficult in Monaco, grid position will also be critical to Sunday’s result. If we can have a good Saturday, that will set us up for another good result this weekend.”

In any case, Monaco It is not a common Grand Prix, all its peculiarities, the glamor and the difficulty of the urban circuit, make it one of the most important races in the world, along with the 24 Hours of Le Manswhere Alonso has triumphed twice, and the Indianapolis 500where palou He leaves this Sunday for the victory. The Asturian congratulated the man from Barcelona for his pole position in the oval, since he personally knows the merit of this. Like racing in Monaco, where there is almost no time to think and you drive almost intuitively through its winding and twisty streets: “Monaco is a race that we always look forward to as racing drivers. Formula 1. It is very exciting to run through these streets, there is nothing like it. We are curious to see how the car performs on a slow speed circuit like this. It will be important to make sure that we get the set-up of the car right and get into rhythm from the beginning”, indicates Alonso before one of the most special motoring Sundays of the year.

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