Alonso was not misguided

Fernando Alonso said when arriving in Turkey that the same maneuvers had different repercussions depending on the driver, and he dropped that not all punishable incidents have been settled in the same way this season. Your sincerity generated a stir, especially in some media. He referred to his departure in Sochi, on the outside of turn two, repeated and cross-examined when similar actions by others did not transpire. And he spoke without naming of the moment when Norris stepped on the pit-lane white line without punishment in Russia, something he did. blow up several in the paddock, including the boss of Alfa Romeo.

It is a coincidence that the Asturian had to appear on Saturday before the stewards for the formality of a double yellow flag in which, even slowing down, he scored his best lap (because it was the first). It is also a matter of chance that suffered a touch of Gasly at the start (with a five-second penalty for the French) and then caused a spin by Schumacher with the same penalty for the Spanish. However, the rain of questions to Michael Masi, race director, especially what Alonso did or said during the Turkish GP, being the 16th classified. The two-time champion was not misguided.

First, why was there no penalty for the Alpine on Saturday? “In those circumstances it was a useless lap. If it had rained afterwards and it hadn’t been possible to improve, perhaps it would have been different. “Afterwards, why was Gasly sanctioned if penalties are not usually applied in first-round incidents? “We want to let the drivers compete on the first lap, but if in an incident one of them is completely guilty, not predominantly guilty, he is punished with five seconds “.

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Alpha Tauri’s French He did not give it much importance because he was sixth, the best result he aspired to: “I had Checo on the inside and Fernando on the outside. Yes, there was a contact and I received the penalty, I don’t know if it was the right thing to do or not. “ Coldly, he apologized. Alonso did not take the incident badly, the races are like that. But Alpine boss Budkowski sounded more annoyed: “Super frustrating, I was starting fifth, and more seeing where Gasly ended up despite the penalty, is where Fernando should have been. That has been his level this weekend. Gasly pushed him and did not give him enough space. But that’s how racing is. “

Masi, who chatted with Fernando on Thursday, did pedagogy work when they asked him if Alonso’s previous statements could transfer pressure to the stewards (although the pilot spoke at first of the media coverage): “No, not at all, we have a large group of stewards throughout the year. There is no additional pressure on them, no way. Each driver leaves their comments, internally or in the media. The rules are applied fairly for all. The commissioners are independent when reviewing each incident, it is done case by case, it can be compared with other incidents in sport but they decide on each one based on the information available. “

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