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Alonso wants more

In addition to his talent, if there is something that describes very well Fernando Alonso is his ambition. The Asturian has proven over the years to be a nonconformist driver who always wants more and above all, after having touched positions of honor that he did not relish in F1 since Hungary in 2014 (he finished second). In Sochi a new display of the Alpine rider left him on the edge of the podium and it was only the rain that was responsible for depriving him of a new feat in which he could even afford to overtake Verstappen’s Red Bull on his own merits on the asphalt. He only lacked the drawer Although it is not a real position for the French team, but that does not mean that it will not continue in an ascending line where the objective is to consolidate the A521 in the highest possible part of the middle zone.

Although luck was not on his side in Sochi, from Alpine they already point to the appointment of Turkey, sixteenth of the season, to prolong the good form they are going through with a Fernando Alonso who, within his possibilities, does not stop bringing joys to the garage. It will be the first time, after 10 seasons, in which the Asturian returns to Istanbul Park again. A scenario where he has had great struggles and of which a very special one stands out: “I had fun battles with Michael (Schumacher) in 2006. He was stuck right behind me on the final leg of the race. It is a circuit that I enjoy and I am looking forward to coming back. “

Now his return materializes with the same team and different circumstances, which does not prevent that from making you lose all the references you have of the Turkish layout: “I have good memories of the Turkish GP. The circuit has a good combination of high speed corners and overtaking points. Turn 8 is a unique challenge and I want to face that point with a current F1 car. “The fact of facing this challenge after having curdled in Sochi which for Fernando is “one of the best races of the year” After his return at the beginning of the course, he makes the objective continue to continue adding and measuring cars that a priori should be more competitive: “The car was competitive during the race and the fights against McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull were very exciting in the final stretch. The Silverstone sprint qualifying was fun too. We have had good races this year and it is important to maintain this consistency and score more points to finish the year well. “

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