Alonso Speaks: How Wet Weather Can Work to F1 Teams’ Advantage

Aston Martin Experiences Boost in British Grand Prix Practice Due to Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Aston Martin has made a surprising improvement in the first day of practice for the British Grand Prix, thanks in part to the humid weather conditions at the track.

Team Sees Benefit in Wet Conditions

According to Aston Martin driver Ernesto Alonso, the team’s performance was enhanced by the unusual weather conditions. "It was just a free practice session, but probably the weather here has been a little more favourable for us," he said.

Competitive Performance in Wet Conditions

The team’s competitiveness was evident in Canada, and Alonso believes that this performance can be replicated in the wet conditions at Silverstone. "Just like in Canada, we were quite competitive, so it can help. But yes, I think we are prepared for both things, yes, in any case it is a Friday like any other, difficult to see in terms of performances because each one has a different programme."

Lance Stroll Also Sees Benefit in Rain

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll also expressed his preference for the rain, stating that the team appears more competitive in these conditions. "Why not… We seem a bit more competitive, but tomorrow and Sunday is what counts, so we’ll see. We’ve changed a few things for this weekend, so maybe it will be better," he said.

The team will look to build on this performance in the remaining practice sessions and qualifyings, with the aim of a strong finish in the British Grand Prix.

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